Virtual Content: Wednesday 30 June

Join us today to learn more about the importance of sleep, the definition of ‘nano’ and how we use nanotechnology in everyday life, and all about conductors and insulators!



The Science of Sleep by Dr Sarita Robinson

This mini lecture discusses why we sleep and why it’s so important for us to stay healthy. Are you a morning lark or a night owl?

Teacher Notes Sleep

Activity Sheet Sleep



Nanophysics and Nanotechnology by Dr Karen Syres

This mini lecture explains what ‘nano’ means, introduces you to the tiny world of nanophysics, and shows how nanotechnology impacts our everyday lives.

Teacher Notes Nanophysics

Activity Sheet Nanophysics



Conductors and Insulators by Electricity North West

In this activity, pupils learn about conductors and insulators.

You will be directed to Electricity North West Website to access Lesson 3 which contains educator notes, pupil worksheets and supporting slides.

Lesson 3: Conductors and Insulators

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