Virtual Content: Tuesday 29 June

Join us today to learn more about the planets through dance, passwords and how to improve them, how electrical circuits work, and all about elasticity and how to test this in different materials!



Into Our Skies: Space in Schools by Lucy Starkey

This mini lecture teaches you a fun dance that will help you remember the order of the planets in the solar system.

Teacher Notes Into Our Skies

Activity Sheet Into Our Skies



Supercharge Your Passwords: How to Improve Your Passwords by Chris Finnigan

This mini lecture explains how to create a strong password and avoid common mistakes with passwords so that you can outsmart cyber criminals.

Teacher Notes Passwords

The activity for this mini lecture is an online quiz – see Teacher Notes for details.



Testing Properties of Materials, by Sika

This mini lecture shows how to test elasticity and make sure that it is a fair test. Further resources for Year 3 students (Investigating Surfaces) and Year 5 students (Friction) are available below.

Year 3

Sika Teacher Notes_YR3

Sika Activity Sheet_YR3

Sika Powerpoint Presentation_YR3

Year 5

Sika Teacher Notes_YR5

Sika Activity Sheet_YR5

Sika Powerpoint Presentation_YR5



Building Electrical Circuits by Electricity North West

In these activities, pupils learn how an electrical circuit works, how to construct simple electrical circuits (using a bulb, buzzer, and motor) and how to draw simple circuits using electrical symbols.

You will be directed to Electricity North West Website to access Lesson 2 which contains educator notes, pupil worksheets, supporting slides and videos explaining how an electrical circuit works and a simple circuit video.

Lesson 2: Building Electrical Circuits

Education Hub

A PDF of Electricity Symbols


How an Electrical Circuit Works


Simple Circuits