Virtual Content: Thursday 1 July

Join us today to learn more about AI through coding your own googly eyes, what our skeletons can do and why the chemical makeup of bones is so extraordinary, and everything you want to know about switches and building electrical circuits!



AI, Triangles, and Googly Eyes by Dr Martin Bateman

This mini lecture demonstrates how to make your own googly eyes Snapchat filter using Scratch.

Teacher Notes Using AI

Activity Sheet Using AI

You will need access to a computer or tablet with a front facing camera for this activity. 



Bendy Bodies and Super Skeletons by Dr Catherine Tennick

This mini lectures explains what bones are made of and how this makes them so strong, and shows you how to make a bone bend in half.

Teacher Notes Bendy Bones

Activity Sheet Bendy Bones



Switches and Building Electrical Circuits by Electricity North West

In this activity, pupils explore switches and their effect, and how to build a switch. They are challenged to create an object which successfully uses a circuit. The lesson includes parallel and series circuits.

You will be directed to Electricity North West Website to access Lesson 4 which contains educator notes, pupil worksheets, supporting slides and videos explaining parallel circuits and series circuits.

Lesson 4: Switches and Building Electrical Circuits 

Education Hub


Parallel Circuits


Series Circuits