Virtual Content: Friday 2 July

Join us today to learn more about exoskeletons and how they can help us in everyday life, the uncanny valley and why we love some robots but are repulsed by others, just how intelligent AI actually is, and all about lock mechanisms and keeping ourselves safe!




Arm Exoskeletons by Dr Matt Dickinson

This mini lecture demonstrates what exoskeletons are and how they work, and shows that they can help people in everyday life by allowing them to move more easily.

Teacher Notes Exoskeleton

Activity Sheet Exoskeleton



The Uncanny Valley by Nicky Danino

This mini lecture defines and explores the concept of the Uncanny Valley, and investigates why we think some robots are cute and others are creepy.

Teacher Notes The Uncanny Valley

Activity Sheet The Uncanny Valley



How Smart is AI? by Oliver Kerr

This mini lecture explores just how smart AI really is by evaluating computer-generated conversations, deep fakes, and more.

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How Secure is Your Door? by Sam Connolly

This mini lecture explores different kinds of locks, how they work, and what we can do to strengthen weaknesses and keep criminals out.

Teacher Notes Locks and Security

Activity Sheet Locks and Security