Virtual Content: Monday 28 June

Join us today to learn more about how our brains work, the dark patterns to look out for in video games and websites, and all about electricity safety!



Brain Power: How to Learn by Julie Allen

This mini lecture explores the power of the human brain, the neuron pathways behind how we learn, and how all of us make memories and develop new skills.

Teacher Notes Brain Power

Activity Sheet Brain Power



Dark Patterns: How Video Games and Websites Play Sneaky Tricks on You by John King

This mini lecture explains how video games and websites can use dark patterns to try and get us to spend our money – and also demonstrates how to avoid these pitfalls.

Teacher Notes Dark Patterns

Activity Sheet Dark Patterns



Electricity Safety and Sustainability by Electricity North West

In this activity, pupils identify a range of objects that use electricity (batteries and mains), then learn about staying safe around electrical objects and using electricity safely. They also look at why it’s important to save electricity, and ways to do so.

You will be directed to Electricity North West Website to access Lesson 1 which contains educator notes, pupil worksheets, supporting slides and a safety video.

Lesson 1: Teacher Notes and Activity Pack

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