Virtual Festival

Welcome to the Virtual Lancashire Science Festival!


We are celebrating all things STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) from Monday 28 June to Friday 2 July by releasing new mini lectures each day created by University of Central Lancashire experts and our partners at Electricity North West and Sika.


These short 5-minute mini lectures are accompanied by teacher notes and activity packs— take a look and make sure you have any necessary materials for student activities in advance of the video content release dates.


To view these resources and the mini lectures, scroll to the bottom of the page.


These mini lectures, activity packs, and teacher notes are freely available. Before delivering activities, teachers should complete a risk assessment taking into account their classroom environments, class sizes, and the level of supervision available.


The mini lectures will be released at 9AM each day according to the timetable below:



28 June

Brain Power: How to Learn by Julie Allen


Dark Patterns: How Video Games and Websites Play Sneaky Tricks on You by John King


Electricity Safety and Sustainability by Electricity North West


29 June

Into Our Skies: Space in Schools by Lucy Starkey


Supercharge Your Passwords: How to Improve Your Passwords by Chris Finnigan


Building Electrical Circuits by Electricity North West


Testing Properties of Materials by Sika



30 June

The Science of Sleep by Dr Sarita Robinson


Nanophysics and Nanotechnology by Dr Karen Syres


Conductors and Insulators by Electricity North West


1 July

AI, Triangles, and Googly Eyes by Dr Martin Bateman


Bendy Bodies and Super Skeletons by Dr Catherine Tennick


Switches and Building Electrical Circuits by Electricity North West


2 July

Arm Exoskeletons by Dr Matt Dickinson


The Uncanny Valley by Nicky Danino


How Smart is AI? by Oliver Kerr


How Secure is Your Door? by Sam Connolly


Looking for inspiration for your next classroom-based STEM activity? Head to BAE Systems online Learning Hub and explore the Engineering Fairy Tales.


This collection of STEM stories and challenges were designed to help children understand the world of engineering and develop their teamwork and creative problem-solving skills, whilst having fun. These familiar stories with a twist were developed by education experts at STEMFirst, and are read by STEM Ambassadors from BAE Systems, the Royal Navy, British Army and the Royal Air Force.


If you have any questions, please contact the festival team at


  • Monday 28 June

    Monday 28 June

    Monday 28 June

    The topics for Monday’s mini lectures include the brain and how we learn, dark patterns in video games and websites, and electricity safety and sustainability – join us to find out more!

  • Tuesday 29 June

    Tuesday 29 June

    Tuesday 29 June

    The topics for Tuesday’s mini lectures include using dance to remember the planets in the solar system, creating strong passwords, building electrical circuits, and the elasticity of different materials – join us to find out more!

  • Wednesday 30 June

    Wednesday 30 June

    Wednesday 30 June

    The topics for Wednesday’s mini lectures include why we sleep and how sleep impacts our health and habits, what nanotechnology is and how it is used in our everyday lives, and electrical conductors and insulators – join us to find out more!

  • Thursday 1 July

    Thursday 1 July

    Thursday 1 July

    The topics for Thursday’s mini lectures include learning about AI through coding your own googly eyes, discovering what our bones are made of and just how amazing our skeletons are, and building electrical circuits – join us to find out more!

  • Friday 2 July

    Friday 2 July

    Friday 2 July

    The topics for Friday’s mini lectures include exoskeletons and how they can help us in everyday life, investigating why we find some robots cute and others creepy, the intelligence of AI, and locks and security – join us to find out more!

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