Educational Resources

Many of UCLan’s scientists and researchers have put together activities for you to try at home or in school. All suitable for ages 7 – 11 years old.

We always love to see your results so please email us or tag us in a picture @LancSciFest. Happy experimenting!

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UCLan Research Explained

A Beginner’s Guide to the Brain

Take a tour of the parts of your brain created by psychologist Dr Sarita Robinson and UCLan animation students. Psychologists at UCLan explore how our brains do lots of different things like remembering things, coping with scary situations or reading.

A Closer Look at Clouds 

Did you know clouds are made up a mixture of water and ice? Dr Mark Holden and UCLan animation students explain how what’s happening on the ground can affect how clouds form. Chemists at UCLan study what affects Ice formation which can help us understand more about the environment.

Dance of the Solar System – Key Stage 2

The Sun is in the centre of our Solar System and all the other planets take their own unique spinning dance around it. Astrophysicist Dr Joanne Pledger has shared some of her favourite planet facts animated by UCLan students.

The Perfect Jump! Engineering Horse Sports Surfaces

What is the perfect ground to jump and run on? It may feel a little different if you are a horse? Surfaces for sports horses are specially designed for them, in a similar way that football pitches are designed for footballers. Dr Sarah Hobbs works in Equine and Human Biomechanics and helps to research how to best design show jumping surfaces. Video created by UCLan animation students.