Investigate, Experiment, Discover!

As part of the Lancashire Science Festival this year we asked scientists, engineers and mathematicians from across UCLan to share their favourite experiments with us. Click on the links below to see some of the activities. Please note that whilst all of these experiments can be done at home, some do require certain items listed in the ‘you will need’ section. All experiments should be carried out with adult supervision and adults should read the ‘Note for Supervisory Adult’ below.

Chemical Food Fireworks with Sujata Patel

Fascinating Forensics with Cat Tennick

Hands on Engineering with Matthew Dickinson

Human Sundial with Seren Griffiths

Trick of the Light with Karen Syres

LanBots Logic Puzzles with Sylvy Anscombe

Note for Supervisor Adult

Live Science

Once again we will be carrying out amazing science experiments live in your home/classroom through YouTube. You’ll be able to view our experiments on 25 June 2019. Keep an eye on this page for timings and direct link.

Here is our 2019 Live Science line-up:

10am – Solar System. Conditions on other planets in our Solar system can be very different from those here on Earth. To give you an idea of these conditions the Young Scientist Centre team have a series of demonstrations – get ready to be HOT and COLD!

11am – Watch as Megan, Chemistry PhD Student, and the previous winner of YSC Demo Competition 2018, introduces the chemical concepts of catalysis and exothermic reactions (fancy scientific words that will all be explained). This LSF Live includes some fabulous foam, spectacular eruptions, and a super scientific chocolate egg.

12 noon – The Digestive System. What happens to food and drink once it gets inside our bodies? The YSC team are going to explore the organs that make up our digestive system and the roles each one has in digesting our meals (WARNING – this may put you off your lunch!)

1.30pm – Dr Anna Kirkham is going to give us a sneak peek at some of the incredible demonstrations from the LSF show ‘This is Amazing Chemistry’.

2.00pm – Join Dr Cat Tennick as she shares how we investigate crime, and how scientists investigate to find out more about the world we live in.  Dr Cat will be sharing some sneak peaks from the festival Glow Zone to shed some light on the answers.

You can watch our live stream here.

View our live science videos from 2018 below:

Live Science with Dr Liz Granger – Episode 1

Live Science with Dr Liz Granger – Episode 2

Live Science with Dr Liz Granger – Episode 3